CEO Lifehacks: Andrew Kapula, MD Liquid Telecom


In the second quarter of every year, we run a series of ‘CEO Nights’ where we asked the current CEOs/Chairs of the top 100 companies in each country to spend time with the community of 'next-in-line CEOs' that make up The Africa List to unpack what the jump from C-suite to CEO really looks like, and how best to prepare for it. We only run 'CEO Night' once a year so to make the interactions with the CEOs in attendance as structured and useful as possible, we also put some of our guest CEO/Chairs in the hot seat and groups of members took turns grilling them on their 'CEO Life Hacks' in productivity, leadership and management strategies and their personal journey.

Other than your title, why should anyone be led you?

Andrew: You want to people to be led by you not because you are the CEO, but because they see you as a good example that they want to follow.” 

What is one behaviour that you’ve seen derail most leaders’ careers?

Andrew: “Thinking that you are the mighty one. A good leader knows that the power lies in the people who you lead. If you think that because you’re the leader you know it all, you will fail. The good ideas and brilliant ideas come from the people that you lead. You don’t even need to be the smartest guy in the room to be the leader, you just have to know how to unlock the potential in your team.”



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