The Africa List Insights

The Best Leaders Never Stop Learning


The Africa List is an invitation only community of next generation CEOs in Africa's most exciting growth markets and is currently active in Ethiopia, DRC, Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda. 

Every quarter, The Africa List holds events in each of these countries because we believe in the power of relationships, so we place a strong emphasis on the importance of bringing people together. Even in today’s connected world, where so much of our communication is virtual, nothing can replace the power of face-to-face interactions and genuine conversations. Each event we host is unique and ranges from a fire-side chat with a business elder, to classroom sessions delivered by the world’s top business schools. This provides a space for our members to step away from their busy day-to-day lives, connect with each other, share ideas, and develop further as leaders.

Although the events themselves are exclusive only to members of The Africa List, we wanted the shared ideas and insights learned to be accessible to everyone who is as interested in how to be a better leader of Africa's best businesses as we are. 

So we built The Africa List Insights platform to share some of the best parts of the conversations that have taken place at the country events and masterclasses, as well as the latest ideas and advice directly from the members themselves. 

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